Georgeous Jo.

As most of you know I was away this weekend , so no up date , but we back on track again. Well was a little scared this morning cause she felt really weird last night , an awful tightness in her chest that had both her and Paul very panicked .The scary part of living in Zim , not really knowing what to do if there is an emergency. But thankfully she felt good today and possibly it was just due to a long day as she is working hard with her psychologist and maybe just the frustration she is feeling with her doctor in South . Never the less Paul cracked the whip today and she was on total bed rest today. But we still managed to sneak in a little fun and got her to try on her new jump suit freshly flown in from Joburg specially . And as I thought, she totally pulls it off , she looks like a model with her gorgeous figure and long legs. And at least for a while she was happy and didn t have to think about being sick. She lights up completely when she can still do normal things and those moments help her to want to keep fighting … And she is !



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